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MB2kB - PDF Compressor

MB2kB is a simple online tool designed to help you optimize your PDFs to make them smaller in size and easily shareable.

A lot of government or corporate websites often require the PDFs to be uploaded in a specific size. MB2kB is the perfect tool to compress your PDF to the required size.

How to compress PDFs using MB2kB?

Compressing PDFs using MB2kB is quite simple. Follow these quick and easy steps to compress and optimize any PDF to a smaller size.

Upload the PDF

Drag and drop or choose a PDF from your phone or PC that you want to compress.

Select the Compression Quality

Drag the slider to choose your desired level of compression. The higher the number, the higher the compression.

Compress the PDF

Click on Compress to begin compressing the PDF. After your PDF is successfully compressed, you’ll find a Download button to save the PDF to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mb2kb and what does it do?

mb2kb is an online Image and PDF Compressor tool that allows you to compress image files and PDF to a specific size with ease. It’s ideal for optimizing images for web, emails, or online forms.

Is mb2kb free to use?

Yes, mb2kb is a completely free tool. There are no usage limitations it.

Do I need to install any app to use mb2kb?

No, mb2kb is a web-based PDF Compressor. The PDF is compressed right inside your web browser.

How do I compress a PDF using MB2KB?

Upload the PDF you want to compress, choose the desired size, and click the “Compress” button. Your compressed PDF will be ready for download within seconds.

What formats does MB2KB support?

We currently support compressing PDFs.

Is it safe to upload my PDFs to MB2KB?

We don’t upload any PDFs to our server for processing. The entire compression happens locally inside your web browser. Your PDFs never leave your device.

Do you store my PDFs?

We don’t upload any PDFs to our server. All processing happens locally and we don’t store any PDF data.